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  • dangse boo — 档房 …   锡汉教学词典

  • gebu halai dangse — 花名册 …   锡汉教学词典

  • Manwen Laodang — (滿文老檔) is a set of Manchu official documents of the Qing Dynasty, compiled during the late Qianlong period based on Jiu Manzhou Dang. It was difficult to understand Old Manchu, written in the script without dots and circles, in the Qianlong… …   Wikipedia

  • Jiu Manzhou Dang — ( zh. 舊滿洲檔) (Manchu: Fe Manju Dangse ) is a set of Manchu archives stored at the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan. It is the sourcebook of Manwen Laodang and a primary source of early Manchu history. It is often called yuandang (原檔… …   Wikipedia

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