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  • Alha — was the famous general of great Chandella King Paramdidev or Parmal who fought Prithviraj Chauhan in 1182 CE. He is one of the hero of Alha Khand which is popularly recited in Bundelkhand. Alha khand is also known as Parmal Raso.External links*… …   Wikipedia

  • Alha — obs. form of Allah …   Useful english dictionary

  • Alha — pacage Basque …   Glossaire des noms topographiques en France

  • alha — 【形】 五颜六色的,花的 …   Hejeni Hesenkuni (赫真语辞典)

  • Alha-Khand — The Alha Khand (c. 12th Century) is an early poetic work in Hindi which consists of a number of ballads describing the brave acts of two heroes, Alha and Udal. This work has been entirely handed down by oral tradition and presently exists in many …   Wikipedia

  • Alha-Khand — Ạlha Khand   [Hindi »episches Teilstück über (den Helden) Alha«] der, jahrhundertelang mündlich überliefertes volkstümliches indisches Heldenlied (englisch The lay of Alha), das den Titelhelden Alha und seinen Bruder Udal (auch Udan, Rudan)… …   Universal-Lexikon

  • alha bulha — 华丽的 花花绿绿的 …   锡汉教学词典

  • alha ihan — 花牛 …   锡汉教学词典

  • Allan Hills 76001 (ALHA) (метеорит) — Связать? Allan Hills 76001 (ALHA) …   Википедия

  • Allan Hills 76001 (ALHA) — Находка или падение Находка Место земля Виктории …   Википедия

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